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Under Her Skin at April Ghoul's Day

I met over 40 new people at today's event at the Flint Farmer's Market for April Ghoul's Day! Author Martha Allard and I shared a table (I'm not quite sure where my Texas hairstyle came from), and we sold everything from books to crocheted eyeballs. If you missed the event, you can order a signed copy from me that I will mail out to you.

Under her Skin just released yesterday and on its last preorder day, it was ranked #1 in poetry anthologies on Amazon! The entire collection is about body horror written from the female perspective.

My poem is based off the work of H. P. Lovecraft. I read some his work to produce a piece from a female point of view. I really enjoyed working with his short stories to produce my poem "Eldritch Mother".

I have some more good news to share with you regarding an anthology coming out in October. I'll keep you posted; I promise.

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