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Falling into Writing

Hello Awesome Readers,

I just returned from a writing retreat here in Flint at an Airbnb. Our place (I went with another writer, Martha Allard) was a Victorian home built in 1898. Charming with lots of character, Mart and I spent 3 nights. We worked on editing, writing drafts, and marketing.

I wrote two poems and submitted them. One of them, called The Savory Sip, I subbed to special issue called “Bloody Tea.” I also submitted my kaiju story to a magazine that’s featuring sea monsters.

Additionally, I was super pleased when my artist reached out to me with potential covers for Fix. They are beautiful and hard to choose from. You can find her on Facebook as BRoseDesignz. As soon as we get that settled, I’ll be doing a cover reveal. I’ve also asked her to make the cover for book 2 which is called Sting!

Sting was the biggest project I worked on—getting the rough draft down on paper. Still in progress but making progress as the word count ticks higher and closer to The End.

Other good news from this weekend is that I placed two poems with the literary magazine Qua. Flint locals might be familiar with them as they are the magazine for University of Michigan—Flint. You can find more about them here. Qua is a conjunction like ‘and’ or ‘with,’ but it means in the state of being or as being.

Until next time,


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