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Momentum with Small Success

Distractions are the thing that keep me from focusing on and, sometimes, even remembering what it is that I really want to do with my life.

There's the stress and exhaustion from work that spills into my free time. After work, it's easier to Netflix or play games on my phone. It's relaxing doing nothing. I breathe easier. I rest. At least I thought that was what was I doing.

But I wasn't exercising. I wasn't reading. And I certainly wasn't writing.

I've read a couple of Medium articles on motivation and goal setting, but sometimes I get started and lose focus. So at the beginning of the New Year I bought a hard copy journal. I carry it everywhere. Lugging it around can be annoying, but it's the weight of the thing that reminds me of the goals I've written in there. Drinking water. Writing new words. Reading. I've set a schedule. I have a book to publish. And I'm an imagist poet with a unique take on the world.

Sometimes I get distracted. I just ran through the first season of Altered Carbon because the second season is on the way. I ate in front of the tv and my dogs loved my lap being available for so long. And while it was fun to watch, i felt restless. I wasn't working on what really matters to me.

The journal tells me what I'm supposed to be doing and I finally found an article on Medium that clicked for me. It wasn't all goals and motivation, but momentum that matters. Once you move, keep moving. It isn't the amount of stuff accomplished, but just that stuff is getting done.

Some people like to say to take small steps. But I hate that. Small steps implies you're capable of more and you're not doing enough to really reach your potential. I think that's why I like the idea of momentum. Keep moving and I'll get there. That's something I can do.

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